How do tattoo removal machines work?

tattoo laser removal machine

How it works

The tattoo laser removal machine emits laser light in a very specific way. The light waves can be controlled by the machine with specialised filters to target different skin types and different colours of ink. The light energy is absorbed by the ink which fragments the ink into smaller pieces. This is important as the body's immune system will then work to remove the tiny ink fragments over the next several weeks. This process is repeated until the tattoo is faded enough for a cover up or until it is no longer visible.

Which Tattoo Laser Removal Machine Is Right For My Business?

The TLS LS8 tattoo removal machine is one of the best on the market, it works with a pure violet diamond Q-switch making a narrow single pulse. It has a dual wave (532nm, 1064nm) length which makes it more practical in the shop as it can be applied to a broader spectrum. We do offer more laser tattoo removal machines which can be found here.