Factory Certified Operational Training

This machine training is designed for people who have already passed their Core of Knowledge training. It is free for up to 2 people with the purchase of a new machine from us. The training can be completed at our studio or via video call and is provided by a fully-certified, factory-approved machine operator trainer on completion of our course you will receive a training certificate.

What if I purchased a machine elsewhere?

If you have purchased a machine elsewhere, we can still provide training as we are certified by several factories. Training is charged at just £150 per person.

What will the training cover?

  • Initial set up of machine
  • Local HSE rules
  • Studio safety
  • Recommended machine settings of power and frequency
  • Skin typing
  • Fitting and explanation of different filter tips
  • Techniques to achieve best results

What will happen after the training?

After completion of your training you will receive a certificate of machine operator training skin typing documentation client consent form after care form manual (if new machine purchased) studio and video training.